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Vet from a Veterinary Hospital in the Clayton, CA Area Concerned about Decreasing Numbers of Healthcare Visits

The ounce of prevention being worth a pound of treatment relates to animals as well as humans. For pets, it can be considered similar to a business proposition. Simply put, it costs less to diagnose impending diseases, conditions, and behavior patterns than the cost of trying to treat the maladies that were preventable.

A pet owner study, conducted about ten years by an Oregon pet hospital, determined the number of pets in the U.S. was increasing, while visits for veterinary care were decreasing. In the same time frame, treatable and preventable conditions and diseases were rapidly rising. The study showed pet owners felt routine checkups were unnecessary unless the pet was sick or had an identifiable condition. Pet ownership was viewed more as a privilege than a responsibility.

A veterinary hospital in the Clayton, CA vicinity would like to admonish pet owners to develop healthy routines and habits that will enhance the lives of their pets. The mission is to ensure pets receive preventative healthcare through regular visits to the vet in the Clayton, CA region. Experts agree the decrease in regular visits leads to increased treatable and preventable diseases in cats and dogs. The illnesses include parasite infestations, dermatitis, dental diseases, obesity, and diabetes.

The value of scheduling annual health checks for a cat or dog with a vet from the Clayton, CA area is potential issues are recognized early and a plan to overcome, or at a minimum, mitigate the looming effects of the problem is in place. A vet from the Clayton, CA vicinity will conduct an examination of the pet’s body using highly sophisticated and technical equipment.

Areas of concern, which are addressed at the veterinary hospital in the Clayton, CA region, include the mouth, eyes, lymph nodes, heart, and abdomen, the base of the tail, legs, skin coat, nails, fur, and temperament. These areas deliver information important to the staff at the veterinary hospital in the Hayward, CA area.